Some folks just need an extra push

Back in early 2000 my phone rang. A mom was on the other line. She said, “SGT Crumbley, can you talk to M? She’s not going to school and she won’t listen to me.”

Didn’t want to get involved but off to the local high school I go.

Ask for the young lady and the guidance counselor says, “I don’t know why you want to talk to her. It won’t do any good. She misses one more day of school and she’s out of here.”

Out walks the young lady and she’s excited to see her recruiter. But I wasn’t in a cheerful mood.

The four finger point is aimed directly at her. Tears run down her face. I don’t like being this way but her future was at stake. She didn’t miss another day of school. She graduated that year.

Later we run into each other volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. She grabs her husband and says, “This is the guy that changed my life!”

Her husband shakes my hand and says thank you.

Today she manages a team at her dream gig.

Lesson: Love people even if it’s tough love. You can change their life by taking an extra step. Plus learn to use the Army four finger point. Ask a veteran if you need help with the four finger point 😊


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