• Leslie Maurice

    Leslie Maurice

  • Anika Anderson-Hack

    Anika Anderson-Hack

  • Ari Meisel

    Ari Meisel

    Founder — Less Doing /The Replaceable Founder/ Overwhelmologist/Serial Entrepreneur / Ironman / Author / Inventor

  • Erica Lewis Ward

    Erica Lewis Ward

  • Richard Koch

    Richard Koch

    Richard is an author, entrepreneur & investor. Written 20 books on ideas & business, incl. The 80/20 Principle, which has sold over a million copies.

  • Ted Prodromou

    Ted Prodromou

    Award-winning, best-selling author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter. Get free LinkedIn tips at www.YourLinkedInCoach.com

  • Adam Fontenet

    Adam Fontenet

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